OSRS Botting to Max Series with SlyAutomation

Osrs Botting to Max with Python – Episode 1 – Old School Runescape – level 100 and 12 hours played

Episode 1 of osrs botting focuses on using Python scripts for automated gameplay in Old School Runescape.

  1. Bot rs Setup and First botting script run through
    • The content creator manually takes an account through Tutorial Island, runs a mining script for six hours, and manually handles traversal and quests to avoid using multiple scripts.
  2. The mining script in action
    • The mining script highlights and mines copper or tin for six hours, accumulating experience points and levels, with an emphasis on mining as a starting skill for future use.
    • After mining, the creator deposits the collected items in the bank and decides to shift to combat training by attacking chickens for six hours, with plans to potentially implement script updates for different combat styles.
  3. End goal for botting to max series for this episode
    • The goal for this particular account is to reach level 100, with the video concluding after achieving 26 defense, 38 mining, 19 health, and a total level of 103 in 12 hours, marking the halfway point to the minimum requirements for trading.

osrs botting to Max with Python – Episode 2 – Old School Runescape – level 220 and 30 hours played

In episode 2 of osrs botting to max series, Slyautomation goes into different skilling scripts and lays down the foundation.

  1. Botting Strategies and Considerations:
    • Combat script flaw acknowledged, with ongoing efforts to improve its performance.
    • Utilized a body detector plugin to monitor skill activity and avoid excessive osrs botting.
    • Suggested training alternate accounts simultaneously to avoid running a single bot rs for more than six hours.
  2. Fishing Progress and Script:
    • Engaged in fishing to level 18 using a dedicated fishing script in Al Kharid.
    • Mentioned limited money-making options in free-to-play, with plans to explore more lucrative methods in pay-to-play.
    • Total hours played reached 30, and fishing level achieved was 45, bringing the total level to 220.
  3. Episode Rules and Future Plans:
    • Outlined rules for the series, including no money transferring to the bot rs account and starting from scratch at Tutorial Island.
    • Allowed alt accounts, but only if created simultaneously, and discussed scenarios for continuing the series after a ban.
    • Discussed the potential efficiency of using multiple accounts simultaneously for osrs botting.
  4. Viewer Engagement and Conclusion:
    • Encouraged viewers to comment on their preferred scenarios for the series continuation.
    • Mentioned considerations for potential future series with alt accounts for easier progression.

Osrs Botting to Max with Python – Episode 3 – 235k GP Earned – level 308 and 52 hours played

In Episode 3 of osrs botting to Max, gets to action leveling up the bot rs and also earning GP for a bond!

  1. Osrs Runescape Bot Account Progress:
    • Reached level 220 in Episode 3.
    • Woodcutting session focused on normal logs near Lumbridge, then oak near Draynor.
    • Woodcutting level reached: 39, total level: 258, 34 hours played.
  2. Money-Making Method – Clay Mining:
    • Spent 6 hours on clay mining for starting GP.
    • Used a script with template matching and rs walker script for navigation.
    • Clay was valued at about 170 GP per piece during this time.
    • Script mined approximately 1,000 to 1,500 clay in a 6-hour span.
  3. Python Scripting Workflow for Woodcutting:
    • Described the Python script workflow for woodcutting automation.
    • Used numpy and OpenCV2 for color processing and contour detection.
    • Explained how contours were used to locate and interact with trees in the game.
  4. Mining and Scripting Challenges:
    • Discussed challenges in firemaking script due to potential conflicts with existing fire pits.
    • Explained the use of contours, color detection, and text reading (Tesseract OCR) for script verification.
  5. Additional Skill Levels:
    • Achieved level 48 in fishing and 36 in cooking in later sessions.
    • Used Tesseract OCR in combat script to detect changes in health bars while attacking cows.
    • Ended Episode 3 with 36 defense, bringing the total level to 308 after 52 hours played.

Osrs Botting to Max with Python – Episode 4 – 390k GP Earned – level 419 and 65 hours played

In Episode 4 of osrs Botting to Max, slyautomation updates on other projects are made and what could be developed in the future for Osrs Runescape Bot!

  1. Botting Progress:
    • The bot rs is currently at a total level of 419, having played for 65 hours.
    • In the latest session, the bot earned 390k GP, reaching level 35 from level 308.
    • Slyautomation plans to sell items at the Grand, Exchange, including emeralds, sapphires, and rubies obtained during mining.
  2. Object Detection Update:
    • Working on version 5 of object detection (YOLO) for the Osrs Runescape Bot using Python.
    • This version will create images and labels for training after detecting objects.
    • Facing technical issues with bounding box coordinates not matching up, causing problems during mouse clicks.
  3. Questing and Script Development:
    • Planning to do various quests, including Cook’s Assistant, The Restless Ghost, and more.
    • Developing scripts for activities like Motherlode Mining, Blast Furnace, and revisiting older scripts for optimization.
    • Converting each script into a GUI application to track XP, time, levels, and script status.
  4. Data Analysis Tutorial:
    • Upcoming tutorial on Old School RuneScape prices using real-time APIs for data analysis.
    • The tutorial involves scraping data from the Old School RuneScape prices website, storing it in CSVs, and utilizing a Raspberry Pi for daily extracts.
  5. Additional Achievements:
    • Created a standalone application to convert Python scripts into executable files.
    • Developed an Old School RuneScape stat generator that creates a visual representation of character stats.
    • The total level at the end of the episode is 419, and slyautomation plans to focus on leveling up crafting and ranged in the next sessions.

Osrs Botting to Max with Python – Episode 5 – 980k GP Earned – level 481 and 84 hours played

Episode 5 of Botting to Max with Python focuses on leveling up the Osrs Runescape Bot.

  1. Bot rs Progress:
    • The bot rs starts at level 455 with 390k gold and aims to maximize its stats using automation.
  2. Day One: Combat Grinding:
    • On the first day, the focus shifts towards combat training, specifically targeting cows near Falador. Day one involves grinding combat on cows near Falador, resulting in a level increase to 461.
  3. Days Two and Three: Clay Farming for Profit:
    • Spanning over days two and three, are dedicated to a lucrative money-making methodβ€”farming clay near Port Sarim. This method not only replenishes the bot’s financial resources but also contributes significantly to an overall level increase.
    • Day two and three focus on the money-making method of farming clay near Port Sarim, reaching level 464.
  4. Final Session: Questing and Upgrades
    • The concluding segment of the episode involves a manual approach, with the bot rs engaging in quests related to runecrafting and acquiring equipment upgrades. This strategic blend of manual intervention and automated processes results in the bot rs reaching an impressive level 481 after a cumulative gameplay time of 84 hours.

Botting to Max with Python – Episode 6 – 1.5 Mil GP Earned and level 500 reached!

Episode 6 of the osrs botting to Max with Python series involves ring crafting and combat training.

  1. Achievements:
    • At this point we have reached some milestones notebly reaching level 500 and earned 1.5 million GP.
  2. Money Maker – Ring Crafting:
    • Starting at level 481, Slyautomation goes into running the runecrafting script starting first with air runes but enxounters issues initially with air runes.
    • Switched to fire runes, faced issues but improved over two years ending with 17 Rune making levels. Demonstrated improvement in Ring crafting scripts over time.
  3. Prawn Fishing and Cooking:
    • Utilized a stable script for cooking and fishing prawns.
    • Process involved cooking anchovies or prawns, followed by dropping them.
    • Continued fishing for a session, reaching level 492 in Rune making.
    • Script optimized for consistent progress.
  4. Combat Training for Level 500 Milestone:
    • The user employs the Osrs Runescape Bot for combat training, focusing on attack and defense to surpass level 500. Slyautomation chooses to attack cows as training targets for efficiency. Achieved a combat level of 497 after a six-hour session.
  5. Crafting Rings for Massive Leveling:
    • Crafting rings becomes a lucrative activity, with the Osrs Runescape Bot using gold bars and reaching level 60 crafting, achieving a total level of 549.
    • Gems and other kept items are sold on the grand exchange for profit and Slyautomation shifts to crafting rings.
    • This crafting acquired a significant amount of crafting levels during six-hour sessions.Utilized a script to withdraw gold bars and craft rings efficiently.Reached level 53 crafting and surpassed level 500 milestone.
  6. Final Sessions and Episode Conclusion:
    • Diversified training with range skills using arrows.Leveled up range skills, reaching level 37 and later level 40.
    • Maintained a bank balance of about 1 million GP in the crafting tab.
    • Concluding the episode and achieved a total level of 544 with 60 crafting and 1.5 Mil in GP.

Botting to Max with Python – Episode 7 – 2.8 Mil GP Earned and level 550

In episode 7 of the osrs Botting to Max with Python series, Slyautomation focuses on reaching level 550 while engaging in money-making activities, specifically crafting rings.

  • Crafting Rings for Membership Bond:
    • The primary goal is to accumulate enough GP (Gold Pieces) to purchase a Membership Bond, which at this point is estimated to be around 5 or 6 million GP. The player plans to achieve this through dedicated sessions of crafting rings.
  • Money Maker: Crafting Rings:
    • The player alternates between two points – the bank booth (point A) and the furnace (point B) – in a loop to craft and sell rings. This process involves obtaining gold, crafting rings, and selling them for profit. The player notes the importance of assessing the efficiency of the script, including checking inventory status and hourly experience gains.
  • Clay Mining as an Additional Money Maker:
    • In addition to crafting rings, the player engages in clay mining as another lucrative activity. The mined clay is then deposited at the Serum Port Bank, providing an alternative source of income.
  • Calculating Clay Profits:
    • The player highlights the profitability of clay mining, mentioning that clay is valued at 200 GP each. A six-hour session yields around 17-1800 clay, translating to a substantial daily profit.
  • Error Handling and Script Optimization:
    • Throughout the series, the player encounters challenges related to script errors and improvements. The importance of error handling processes is emphasized to ensure smooth script execution. The player discusses the detection of issues such as inventory not being open and addresses the need for constant script optimization.
  • Script Detection and Flagging Concerns:
    • Slyautomation acknowledges potential issues with script detection by Jagex, particularly regarding unusual behavior, such as crafting only one ring when the inventory could accommodate more. This underlines the need for caution in botting activities to avoid detection by the game’s security systems.
  • Rune Crafting Progress and Session Summary:
    • The player provides updates on skill progress, noting a gain of one level in mining (level 45) and maintaining crafting at level 61. The series concludes with the player reaching a total level of 554 and 62 Rune crafting experience.
  • Conclusion:
    • The episode ends with a summary of the botting session, reaching a total level of 554 and 2.8 million GP earned. The player hints at future episodes in the “Botting to Max” series, inviting viewers to like, subscribe, and stay tuned for more content.

99 Cooking Botting to max in runescape with fishing and cooking script

Syautomation discusses osrs botting and automating the process of reaching level 99 in cooking in Old School Runescape using Python scripts.

  • Introduction to Automation:
    • The transcript begins with the speaker introducing the concept of botting, specifically automating the process of reaching level 99 in cooking in Old School Runescape using Python.
  • Initial Setup: Cooking Prawns:
    • The speaker details the initial steps involved in setting up the bot, starting with cooking prawns. The script is configured to power cook and fish, with a focus on collecting prawns for cooking.
  • Fishing Automation:
    • The speaker demonstrates the fishing automation process, highlighting the setup to ensure the correct positions, plugin settings, and inventory items. The bot iterates through fishing spots, collecting prawns for subsequent cooking.
  • Transition to Salmon at Barbarian Village:
    • As the account progresses, the speaker plans to transition to Barbarian Village for salmon fishing and cooking. This involves buying equipment such as a fishing rod and worms.
  • Wine Making Strategy:
    • The bot evolves its strategy, introducing the production of wines for faster cooking experience. The speaker describes the transition from prawn cooking to wine making and the optimization of the script for efficiency.
  • Randomized Script Enhancement:
    • The speaker discusses script enhancements, introducing randomness in image recognition to simulate a more natural clicking pattern. This adjustment aims to replicate human behavior when making wines, clicking on random water jugs and grapes.
  • Membership Bond and Skill Leveling:
    • The speaker discusses obtaining a membership bond and plans for skill leveling. The account progresses from free-to-play to membership for faster XP gains, and future skill goals, including Fletching, Thieving, and Agility, are outlined.
  • Advanced Strategies: Hardware Mouse Emulation:
    • The speaker hints at advanced strategies, such as using Arduino scripts for emulating hardware mouse clicks to potentially evade detection by the game’s anti-bot mechanisms.
  • Journey to 99 Cooking:
    • The transcript follows the bot’s journey to level 99 cooking, showcasing multiple sessions of fishing, cooking, and wine making. The speaker provides updates on XP progress, script adjustments, and successful level achievements.
  • Achievement of Level 99 Cooking:
    • The transcript concludes with the successful achievement of level 99 cooking. The speaker stops the script, showcasing the account’s status, and emphasizes that, as of the recording, the account remains undetected and active.

Concluding the osrs botting to Max Series so Far?

Here a link to the osrs botting to max playlist: osrs botting to max

And there you have it, folks! The Slyautomation journey from Episode 1 to Episode 7 and a special episode of achieving level 99 Cooking in Old School RuneScape with Python scripts has been nothing short of a wild ride. From manual traversal through Tutorial Island to mastering complex skilling scripts, Slyautomation has taken us on a captivating adventure in the world of botting.

Through the ups and downs of combat training, money-making schemes, and skill development, we’ve witnessed the evolution of scripts, the overcoming of challenges, and the pursuit of efficiency. Slyautomation has not only demonstrated the power of automation but also shared the intricacies of Python scripting, contour detection, and even the potential use of hardware mouse emulation.

As we conclude this intriguing series, with level 99 Cooking achieved and countless GP earned, it’s clear that Slyautomation has left no stone unturned in exploring the possibilities of botting in Old School RuneScape. The journey was not just about reaching milestones but also about constant improvement, addressing challenges, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of automation.

So, whether you’ve been following along from the beginning or just joined in for the cooking finale, remember to like, subscribe, and stay tuned for more content from Slyautomation. Who knows what exciting adventures and groundbreaking scripts the future holds in the “Botting to Max with Python” series? The only way to find out is to keep watching and see where Slyautomation takes us next in the world of RuneScape botting! Happy botting, and may your scripts be ever efficient and undetected!